The first time you cracked open the throttle of a sportbike, you just KNEW that you’d never be able to exploit all the performance that such a machine had to offer on public highways. We understand. The organizers of TrackDayRacer began their racetrack careers as refugees from the Chicago street racing scene in the late 1990s. In those days, the concept of trackdays did not yet exist. If you wanted to ride at the track, you had to earn a race license and jump straight into competition. 

No doubt, trackdays have brought many people into our sport who wouldn’t have come otherwise. They offer a safe haven from cops and traffic for sure. It seems though that for truly focused riders, some trackday orgs have become a bit too sanitized. Their group qualifications and passing rules tend to promote a frustrating game of high-speed follow the leader, by restricting more experienced riders to make it easier on beginners. We at TrackDayRacer feel that this upsets the natural learning curve of high speed riding. 

TrackDayRacer will be focused on helping novice racers and determined trackday riders to find the pace that will bring them success. The TrackDayRacer staff is comprised of regional and National champions, as well as current and former AMA and MotoAmerica competitors. These riders are here to help you. We also offer a race licensing clinic at each of our dates. If you’re looking to up your trackday game or even prepare for competition, a TrackDayRacer event is exactly what you need!

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